Decades of experience. A history of success with over 200 clients. Here is how we can help:


  • Reduce your coding backlog
  • Reduce your DNFB
  • Total outsource or overflow coding

Our experienced, credentialed staff can help reduce coding backlogs with complete outsourcing services or on an as-needed basis. We help you maintain productivity through the upcoming transition to ICD-10, by managing your backlog of ICD-9 coding as you train your staff. Amphion assists you to prevent DNFB and reap the benefits of accurate and timely billing for maximized revenue with Amphion as your partner.


  • Monitoring pre-bill coding
  • Feedback on all code changes and supporting documentation
  • Same-day coding hotline and expert advice
  • In-service education

Amphion’s coding review program is custom designed to identify persistent coding error patterns specific to your organization. Our education takes this one step further to address problem areas and takes proactive action.


Selene: A comprehensive solution to track competency of coders, impact of wrong codes on your revenue cycle, areas of improvement, and analytics that unearth trends for targeted training.


  • ICD-10 Competency Assessments
  • ICD-10 Classroom-based training
  • Train ‘n Code
  • ICD-10 pre- and post-training testing
  • Amphion U: Self-paced learning

Experience Amphion’s training focus. Our training team continues to help clients transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 in the most effective manner. With an array of services designed to specifically fit your needs. Amphion’s education services are centered around retaining or improving productivity as coders go through the transition. Learn more about our ICD-10 training.

Why Amphion

Amphion Medical Solutions understands the coding challenges you face today. This understanding is why we believe we are perfectly suited to assist you in meeting and exceeding your operational goals. Our experience, expertise, proven history of success with clients just like yourself and our services in the HIM area allows us to bring the following benefits to your organization:

  • Proven success: Over many years of working with the top healthcare providers in the nation, we have repeatedly demonstrated and delivered significant improvements in our clients’ coding accuracy and processes through continuous pre-billing quality monitoring.
  • Client-focused: We continually provide comprehensive, customizable services with our highly trained, broadly experienced and credentialed U.S.-based staff. Our flexibility provides solutions that are the right fit for your specific requirements.
  • Quality-driven: Our quality of deliverables with ICD-9 and ICD-10 is unparalleled. Our stringent quality practices are both people-centered and process-centered. These processes ensure quality is institutionalized in the form of SLAs and standards that we guarantee our clients.
  • Experienced team: Amphion has some of the most experienced coding quality review staff in the United States. Our seasoned team is comprised of credentialed professionals, including RHIAs, RHITs, CCSs, CCS-Ps, CCS-H and CPCs with extensive expertise in ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding, coding quality review and training. As thought leaders, our executive team contributes to the national coding industry associations.
  • Quick-start: Our scalable infrastructure and flexible, ready-to-serve team ensure a start within 30 days, with no initial investment required by the client.
  • Mature methodology: Our division structure uses a layered methodology for coding and quality review solutions providing maximum coverage for our clients.
  • Cost-effective: Our flexible pricing model is designed to deliver the maximum value using repeatable processes and using the most optimal path to completion.
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