A smooth, efficient transition starts with a well defined plan.

Pre- and Post-training Assessments

Pre-training assessments for ICD-10-CM and PCS are designed to test your knowledge in anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and medical terminology identifying areas of weakness prior to training. Amphion’s pre-training assessments include an extensive data bank of questions with immediate results upon completion including incorrect responses and correct answers.

Post-training assessments are designed to test your retention of ICD-10 after training with sample cases for case assignment. Our extensive data bank of questions and immediate results upon completion include incorrect questions with correct responses.

ICD-10-CM and PCS assessments provide:

  • Multiple questions per chapter or body part
  • Immediate scoring after completion
  • Corrected answers for review
  • PCS questions organized by body parts (veins, arteries, nerves, ligaments, etc.) or root operation

Live, remote interactive training

Amphion’s expert AHIMA approved ICD-10 trainers have reached beyond the usual training programs to link graphics and the Official Coding Guidelines to case studies while learning. This enhanced training, coupled with a maximum class size of 12 coders and two instructors, produces optimal retention of critical key coding concepts.

Our live, comprehensive ICD-10 training program is designed to prepare staff for the day-to-day coding of patient medical records. By limiting the number of students per class to 12 with two AHIMA approved trainers, Amphion’s training provides the opportunity for personalized interactive learning.

  • Web-based pre-training assessments for CM and PCS are designed to test the coder’s knowledge in anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and medical terminology to identify areas of weakness. Includes extensive data bank of questions and immediate results upon completion with incorrect responses and correct answers.
  • Half-day remote sessions are live, interactive, and designed to allow your staff the flexibility to train and still be available to work the rest of the day.
  • 16 hours of ICD-10-CM training taught in four half-day classes designed to target each chapter with interactive coding exercises.
  • 24 hours of ICD-10-PCS training taught in four five-hour and one four-hour class designed to cover all body systems and root operations with interactive coding exercises.
  • Presentation handouts, AHIMA coder training manuals for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, Optum ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS code books, and the Official Coding Guidelines.
  • Web-based post-assessments for CM and PCS designed to test your staff’s immediate retention of ICD-10 key coding concepts after training. Includes extensive data bank of questions, and immediate results upon completion including incorrect questions with correct responses.

Amphion U

Amphion U offers a SCORM compliant, complete spectrum of ICD-10 training from pretraining assessments to post training competency assessments, and offers the only fully narrated ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS training package that embraces both visual and audio learning options.

Amphion U is a premier comprehensive online ICD-10 learning destination. You can log into Amphion U directly or, since we are SCORM compliant, plug us into your facility’s existing enterprise learning management system. It is the ideal solution if you are looking to transition to ICD-10 in a seamless, cost-effective manner with minimal reduction in productivity. A leader in coding and education, Amphion tapped into our more than 500 man years of combined experience to bring you a learning platform combining the power of the internet with the intellect of our experts and our extensive test library.

  • Fully narrated self-paced ICD-10 training
  • Comprehensive training handouts that enhance note taking and learning retention
  • Pre- and post-training assessments
  • Employment assessments
  • Links to invaluable anatomy and physiology education websites (all are complimentary)
  • The Minnette Expert Coding Library™ an ICD-10 library of simulated records for practice following training

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The Minnette Expert Coding Library™

Practice makes perfect, no other place is it more true than ICD-10. Developing experienced coders and maintaining consistently accurate coding is not an easy process—it is an ongoing, interactive and highly challenging endeavor. The experts at Amphion realized this need 3 years ago and meticulously developed The Minnette Expert Coding Library™. With the escalating financial implications related to coding, you can help your coding staff increase their understanding of ICD-10 with realistic patient records in Amphion’s Expert Coding Library.

Developed by seasoned coding professionals, The Minnette Expert Coding Library was created to provide coders with a continual learning environment. It provides you with the unique option to access Amphion’s simulated production coding environment where you can practice on an ongoing interactive matter, both inpatient and outpatient records—including chart types for each chapter of CM and operative procedures covering each root operation of PCS. Cases are specifically selected and updated regularly to reinforce concepts and support retention of training. You can code charts in a simulated production environment and receive immediate feedback on their work. Continuous coding in The Library will enhance your competencies by maintaining and enhancing your knowledge on ICD-10 post training. Moreover, The Library compliments your training and live training sessions with Amphion. The Library can also be used as a stand-alone learning tool. The easy to read records in Amphion’s Expert Coding Library have been modified with all extraneous information removed so coders can focus on developing their coding skills in ICD-10 rather than spending valuable time reading unnecessary documentation. The Library includes:

  • Chief Compliant
  • History Present Illness
  • Past Medical History
  • Medications
  • Physical Exam
  • Diagnostic Studies
  • Operative Reports
  • Treatment Plan
  • Progress Notes
  • Discharge Summary

Competency Exam

Amphion’s ICD-10 competency exams have been developed by first identifying critical key coding concepts in both CM and PCS, and then creating simulated patient records to validate the coder’s mastery of these coding concepts. These exams should be used to determine an ICD-10 trained coder’s competency before they begin coding 10/1/2014 or at the point of hire.

Our ICD-10 competency exams include:

  • Online access
  • Simulated patient records that require knowledge of all critical key coding concepts for correct code assignment
  • Immediate results upon completion of assessment
  • Separate administrative module where individual staff scores can be monitored throughout the process

Educational Webinars

Amphion’s Education/Training Division develops and delivers webinars designed as educational tools focused on critical topics in the industry. These sessions – available for individual purchase – are typically 60-90 minutes in duration and accessed on-demand. Each webinar includes handouts, AHIMA-approved CEUs, and can be accessed at your convenience.

In the time it takes for a typical staff meeting, your staff’s coding knowledge can grow substantially. Topics for 2016 include:

  • Obstetrics: Challenges of Coding Diagnoses and Procedures in ICD-10-PCS
  • Orthopedic Joint Procedures
  • CV Procedures
  • Colonoscopies
  • FY2017 ICD-10 and MS-DRG Regulatory Update
  • CY2017 APC and CPT Regulatory Update

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In addition to the detailed webinars, Amphion offers complimentary webinar series where experts discuss ICD-10 tips and best practices for 15 minutes every Friday. Learn practical coding skills from Amphion’s AHIMA approved ICD-10 trainers. Our trainers are experienced in a variety of facility settings across the country. These complimentary webinars will also include a quick Q&A session. If by chance we run out of time for your questions, our experts will e-mail you their response.

Topic discussions for Amphion’s complimentary 15-minute webinars include:

  • What’s New with Myocardial Infarction
  • Impending Condition
  • Poisoning and Toxic Effects

Click here to find out more about registering for Amphion’s complimentary I-10 15-minute webinar series.

Policy / Procedure Package

CMS and AHIMA in their respective ICD 10 implementation guides, have identified the review and rework of policies and procedures as a key step in completing the ICD-10 transition. Amphion’s extensive experience in providing interim management assistance and business process improvement to HIM departments places us in a unique position to assist clients in preparing well for the transition. Allow our experts to review existing policies and procedures, document gaps and recommend tangible next steps and risk mitigation plans to move you closer to ICD-10 in a seamless manner.

Physician/CDI Queries

Amphion has developed more than 100 physician queries that can be used by clinical documentation improvement professionals and coders in those instances where more specific documentation or clarification of documentation is needed. These queries can be used while the patient is still hospitalized or after discharge when the coder finalizes the coding. These queries cover the most common diagnoses that require query for completion of coding in ICD-9 and ICD-10.

Coding Services

Industry experts are expecting a 30% loss in productivity through ICD-10 transition. Make Amphion part of your transition our staff is trained and tested on their comprehension of ICD-10 to reduce your expenses and productivity loss. Our trained and certified experts are ready to provide backlog coding while your staff is training. Amphion’s coding staff offers you the proven benefit of our expertise in outsource services, meeting your need for credentialed and accurate coders. Amphion can assist you in:

  • Maintaining unbilled A/R goals by outsourcing daily coding while staff is being trained. Plan for 50 hours training time per coder.
  • Continuing necessary level of outsourced coding after training to allow your staff time to practice coding in ICD-10 to maintain their competency prior to implementation.

Coding Quality Review

Amphion’s Continuous Coding Quality Monitoring (CCQM™) service brings coding reviews, accuracy and education to a higher level. CCQM™ eliminates expensive periodic on-site audits and outdated reports – along with the time and frustration of needing to allocate your internal staff to reviews.

CCQM™ is an ongoing, customizable, pre-bill coding review and education program that analyzes your coding results and corrects errors in real time – before the billing is finalized, and without needlessly adding to unbilled days in A/R. Amphion’s special review is also available retrospectively, designed to identify persistent coding error patterns and educate your staff on how to address the problems.

Amphion allows you to build your CCQM™ program based on YOUR specific coding review needs – inpatient, ambulatory surgery, outpatient diagnostics, facility ER, physician coding, and/or specialty coding including injections and infusions and interventional radiology.

The remote delivery model for CCQM™ also saves valuable time and expensive travel costs, while making Amphion’s team of expert coding consultants readily-available to meet your needs.

Turn to the consulting team at Amphion for a coding review program that delivers:

  • Pre-bill monitoring of your coding results
  • Prompt feedback listing all code changes and supporting documentation to justify the change
  • A same-day coding hotline for questions and expert advice
  • A customized HIM department coding compliance plan
  • In-service education for your coding staff
  • Detailed monthly reports, in an attractive, easy-to-understand, actionable format that can be shared with coding and management staff
  • Regular RAC updates to keep you posted on the latest compliance issues
  • Bi-monthly webinars focused on key coding topics for your organization
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