Themis Coding Document Technology™ is Amphion’s proprietary remote coding software solution that gives healthcare providers a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining qualified coders – resulting in higher productivity.

Facility staff can use Themis, Amphion’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, to access medical records easily and cost-effectively from virtually any location via the Internet.  Coders are able to download assigned records from the Amphion secure data center and begin working any time.  Upon completion, the coder simply submits the codes back to the hospital’s abstracting system or sends a coding summary sheet.

The result: faster turnaround times that decrease days in A/R and positively impact the billing cycle.

Themis is also strictly HIPAA compliant, eliminating the worry and guesswork from remote coding.  In fact, Amphion has implemented the tightest security measures available, using encryption certificates, audit logs and multiple security layers.

Amphion makes it easy to get started on your way to the cost- and time-savings of remote coding, providing:

  • Remote Themis demos and complete user instructions and training
  • Total IT and HIM support for your coding staff
  • Coding guidelines, tips and a compliance plan if needed

Hundreds of thousands of medical records have been successfully scanned and processed through Themis.  It’s time to take the next step and join the many healthcare providers benefiting from this exciting Amphion technology.

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