Triton Health Document Cloud™ from Amphion is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) based solution using advanced speech understanding to provide transcriptionists highly accurate documents ready for editing as well as the ability for clinicians to dictate, review and sign reports in one session. Triton integrates M*Modal’s speech and natural language understanding technology to create the next generation of clinical documentation workflow. These capabilities deliver greater control over reporting while saving significant time and money when compared to traditional transcription solutions.

Amphion understands the challenges you face to deliver superior services and quality outcomes within budgetary and resource constraints. Our technology makes it easy to decrease costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity. With our “Right-Sized” demand-based model, we will help YOU determine how best to leverage the Triton technology to meet your organization’s needs.

Triton Health Document Cloud™ lets you:.

  • Eliminate hardware and software infrastructure and maintenance expenses
  • Free up valuable IT resources
  • Pay only for the transcribed volumes you use
  • Utilize our transcriptionists, yours or both
  • Integrate with your ADT and EHR solutions with standard or customized interfaces
  • Deploy by department or enterprise-wide
  • Improve TATs
  • Monitor all activities using the Triton Management Console

Meaningful Use through Structured Clinical Documentation

Amphion can help meet the Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements. Triton’s speech understanding technology translates physician dictation to a real-time draft with searchable, structured information. Narrative clinical data including diagnostic, procedural, medication and allergy information is indexed and encoded for download into your EHR. Triton’s natural language understanding capabilities transforms narrative dictation into standardized, structured and codified HL7 compliant CDA output.

Amphion will show you how to increase the value of your dictation/transcription by adding more to your electronic health record, giving your physicians greater control over their reporting and increasing efficiency in workflow. Contact us to find out more about Triton’s complete dictation/speech/transcription workflow.